Reels and solutions for wire and cable since 1969

50 Years of innovation for manufacturers of wire & cable

Boxy S.p.a was founded in 1969 in Remedello (Italy) and supplies solutions for the manufacturing of wire & cable used in industrial, transportation, civil, communication, and energy applications. During these 50 years, it has continuously invested in the development of new technologies and know-how to satisfy the needs of each one of these key industry applications, with the goal of global growth.

steel reels, lifter and tilters

Thanks to the collaboration with major wire & cable machinery manufacturers, BOXY’s solutions are in-line with the real needs of the market, guaranteeing superior productivity, efficiency, safety control of process. This communication also extends to our customers, therefore opening the road to technical innovation, which ensures growth of experience by all parties. In addition to reels and spools, we also supply accessories and equipment for their safe handling.


Excellence, quality, and safety

BOXY S.p.A. is located in Remedello, within the region of Brescia, in a strategic location thanks to its proximity to the Milan and Verona airports. The origin of the company represents a promise of quality which has always been maintained since 1969. Made in Italy means excellence, and BOXY meets this standard through the careful attention to the manufacturing process, with the clear objective to optimize the final product, promote research and development, train the employees, methodically check and oversee quality procedures, while keeping all production areas updated through communication.

The quality control system is updated annually based on the most recent ISO norms, which s why BOXY has been ISO 9001:2008 certified since 1993. The attention to quality is a derivatve of safety; being aware of the inherent risks due to the weight and movement of the reels, every product is subjected to critical testing to provide the safety certificate and CE marking.




ISO 9001:2008